Sunday, May 10, 2015

Diggin' the Chicks

It's chicken day!  Our chicks have grown from fluffy cuteness to big ugly birdy-ness.  We (meaning not me) loaded 93 chickens into crates, drove an hour and it's time to unload.   Again, not a me job.  I just do the cooking.  I'm hanging out with Liddy watching a gentle "snowstorm" of what I'm assuming is chicken fluff.  Jack has gone off to play somewhere after talking with the nice Amish gentleman who works here.  It's always an adventure living on the farm and this is our first time wading into the meat chicken world.   I'm excited to try them and am hoping they are super tasty.  I will keep everyone updated on how this all works!

Chicken Quote from my mom:  "If you fry one of those up in a cast iron skillet in lard with cream gravy, that'll take me back to my childhood!'  I think that's a trip I'd like to take along with her!

Our Border Collie, Kit, keeping an eye on her new little friends when they arrived in March.
Kit is completely obsessed with chicks!  I caught her in the tanks with the chicks several times - just watching them.  

The almost final product!  We will pick them back up next Tuesday.